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Hej, nazywam się Marcin Klinkosz i jestem zdeterminowany, żeby firmy w regionie odnosiły sukcesy. Moje pytanie brzmi: czy to będzie Twoja firma?

Marcin Klinkosz agencja marketingowa
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Marcin is an open-minded, creative, and productive person. It is a pleasure to work with him, exchange information and ideas. He always has a solution and gives great advice.

Marta Maćkowska

Had the pleasure of working with Marcin for a number of years, as part of the Sales Department. His all-around knowledge, experience, and creativity was always top drawer. He always made himself available when assistance was needed and was a complete gentleman to work with. Any person lucky enough to acquire Marcin’s skills will be delighted by what he brings to the team.

Farrell Gallagher

Marcin is highly efficient and reliable with all tasks undertaken. You can be guaranteed exceptional results from any project Marcin is involved in. He is dedicated and enthusiastic with his workload.  I enjoyed working with Marcin, and would recommend him to any growing company. He is worth his weight in gold!

Leeanne Doyle

Marcin is a wise marketing manager and a very productive person.  He has extensive knowledge, and he is always capable of adapting to new working environments. Always maintains very good relations with co-workers and clients.

Simone Pirovano

I would recommend Marcin to any digital marketing team because he can be an enthusiastic leader and he can share his comprehensive knowledge about digital marketing. His biggest value is his calmness and quick, effective response in problematic situations.

Martyna Plonka

Marcin is a very good professional, with who I’ve had the pleasure of doing business. Very goal-oriented. Someone who knows the online advertising business and Lead Generation very well. Every time I had the chance to exchange ideas with Marcin, we have managed to find a way of making our common sales grow.

Marcin Cieszyński

Marcin is a great business partner with an open mind and lots of ideas. He always trying to find the best possible solution, especially when it is not the easiest. I can highly recommend Marcin as a partner who tries to understand customers and their needs. In addition, Marcin is a conscientious person and always available when it is needed. Marcin is an expert in Internet Marketing, which I can recommend.

Paulina Korycka

Marcin is an extremely reliable person and cooperation with him is a pure pleasure. He mastered his work to perfection, which results directly in customer satisfaction. He’s always willing to find the optimal way out of a crisis situation. Customer satisfaction is always the key value for him. I would like to strongly recommend Marcin as a business partner.

Monika Kida

I had the pleasure of working with Marcin for over a year now, and in this time he has proven to be an extremely reliable, driven, and focused professional. His attention to detail is far above average, and his business mind helps him to give his partners a feel of confidentiality and partnership. I would highly recommend Marcin for any organization.

Daniel Pieciak

Marcin is a very goal-oriented person, works quickly, and always focuses on things that matter. He has a wide performance marketing knowledge and it seems that he really likes that subject. He knows how to optimize and target campaigns to achieve the best results.

Emil Grochulski

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